Pure Hemp Shatter Extraction of 99.9% Cannabidiol (CBD) Infused With Real Terpenes


Crystal Hemp Extraction of 99.9% Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate Terpene infused

At 99% purity, Hemp & Heal’s Hemp cannabidiol (CBD) CO2 Extracted isolate is the most potent CBD product available on the market Grown right here in the USA. Extracted here in its pure crystalline form, CBD isolate is a fine white powder containing only the CBD chemical compound called cannabidiol.

CBD isolate is not a synthetic or lab-made cannabinoid. Instead, it is an all-natural product, extracted from the hemp plant and refined down to an incredible purity. Using the same CBD hemp oil available in all of our CBD products, We assure our handling process of CBD Isolate removes all of the oils plant material, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, leaving behind the valuable CBD, which can then be ingested as is or taken using one of the methods detailed below.



This Zero THC Pure CBD crystalline isolate “shatter” is made by isolating the cannabidiol until it is in its pure, crystalline form, and then we mix in pure, cannabis derived terpenes, and re-crystallize this product.  This product is perfect for anyone who wants to “Tame your THC”, or enjoy the health benefits of cannabis terpenes and CBD without any psychoactive THC effects.

These amazingly tasty pure CBD shatter crystals are sourced from USA grown hemp crops. Carefully selected plants are meticulously grown to provide you with the highest quality product to help your body’s own endocannabinoid system create a healthier you.

What makes these incredibly powerful and wonderfully unique hemp sourced pure CBD crystals are enhanced with cannabis sourced terpenes! Steam distilled from hemp plants bred specifically for their terpenoid content, these pure CBD shatter crystals allow you to enjoy the amazing properties of the entourage effect while enhancing your health by supporting your body’s own endocannabinoid system!

All of our Medicinal Hemp derived Pure CBD isolate tests at 99.9% purity and is from 100% legal US and European (EU) certified organic sources.  All Pure CBD powders, CBD crystals, and CBD isolates are 3rd party lab tested.  Nothing Synthetic. No Residual Solvents. No Heavy Metals. No Pesticides. Kosher. Non-GMO. Manufactured in a GMP / ISO Certified Facility.


Feel the Entourage Difference!!!! Our CBD is the very best CBD in the world.  Because of the proprietary manufacturing process we use, our organic pure CBD crystals burn at a much higher temperature than CBD isolate from neary all other companies.  This means our pure 99.9% CBD is perfect for baking, cooking, confections, and various formulations requiring heat.  Our Organic, Pure CBD Crystals test at 99.9% purity and can be ordered in bulk quantities.  Buy the best pure CBD Crystals and pure organic CBD Isolate.  We provide complete 3rd party lab testing results on all orders.  We have the highest quality control and testing standards to ensure that no products we sell contain any heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and other toxins.

Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate

Our Pure CBD Isolate is a crystallized powder with CBD concentrations of over 99%. Never synthetic, and never fortified, our naturally high CBD oil starts at 70% CBD and is then gently refined to remove the remaining 30% of plant material all the way down to a single molecule of pure CBD crystalline isolate. Once in the crystallized form (see video below), we then crush the CBD crystals into a pure CBD powder so that it may be used effectively and evenly distributed within product formulations.  The Best CBD Crystals!

Pure organic CBD and authentic CBD isolate is oil soluble (not water soluble) and without any off-taste/earthy flavor typical of hemp oil, thus suitable for edibles, vape, cosmetics, and liquid formulations.  For water soluble CBD powders and liquids contact us today and learn more about our patented technologies which make Entourage Nutritional the #1 pure CBD distributors in the world!

Product applications include any formulation that needs inclusion of just CBD, without other cannabinoids and terpenes.  Fill out the information below to receive your CBD starter kit!


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Entourage Nutritional Distributors is the largest US distributor of bulk and wholesale American Grown medicinal hemp CBD products tested, packaged, and processed in the great State of Colorado, USA, and manufactured using GMP, NSF and ISO certified processes.  We are the largest bulk distributors of organic, domestic, medicinal hemp CBD oil in North America. Our unique and proprietary strain of high CBD / low THC cannabis produces naturally more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes than any strain of European or Chinese industrial hemp!

While everyone else was cross-breeding strains of cannabis to produce more THC, our grow team was cross-breeding strains to produce less THC, and more CBD, CBG, CBN.  Because our proprietary cannabis strain genetics produces naturally less than .3% THC, we registered it with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture as industrial hemp.  Our partners were issued one of the first hemp licenses in Colorado State in 2014.   All of our American hemp CBD plants are grown and distributed in full compliance with the State of Colorado and Kentucky, as well as in full federal compliance with §7606 of the 2014 US Farm Bill and can be sold in all 50 states.

CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble
CBD Crumble full spectrum concentrate with customizable potency! Perfect for dabbing with ZERO THC!

CBD Crystals with Cannabis Terpenes

CBD Crystals with Cannabis Terpenes
These organic, pure CBD crystals are 90% CBD and 10% pure Cannabis-Derived terpenes and strain specific. Pineapple Express is a customer favorite!

Our CBD Farm is the largest in USA

Our CBD Farm is the largest in USA
Organic hemp naturally high in CBD registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. Our products are made with the highest quality pure CBD rich industrial hemp in the world.

Fully Absorbable CBD Gel Capsules

Fully Absorbable CBD Gel Capsules
Our CBD gel capsules contain a patent-pending water-soluble formulation in a nano-particulate delivery system of micro-emulsions. We have the very highest quality CBD gel capsule on the market. This product comes NSF certified.

CBD Gummies,CBD Gummy Bears,Edibles

CBD Gummies,CBD Gummy Bears,Edibles
We manufacture pure CBD crystalline gummies, Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, and we can private label any other CBD candies for bulk and wholesale customers.

Bulk CBD and Wholesale CBD Oil & Products for Sale


CBD Tinctures

Our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture products are created with hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, and can be formulated with any of our hemp CBD oils and terpenes. These products have various sub-lingual applications – flavor options include: peppermint, orange, lemon, and no flavor.  Fully customizable.

CBD Crumble

Our Patent-Pending water soluble CBD (Product Code ‘WS’) is a micro emulsified powder or liquid nano particle sized formulation with CBD concentrations up to 30%. The Cannabidiol rich product is completely water soluble and available in full spectrum (all synergistic cannabinoids and terpenoids), or available in a water soluble CBD isolate formulation.

Experience our Entourage Effect and FEEL the difference.

Not All Hemp is Created Equal.

Dr. S Marshall

“Entourage Nutritional products contain the highest quality hemp derived  phytocannabinoids and arrive at your door with full lab testing results.”

S. Stone

“Entourage Nutritional Distributors, CBD products have truly been a tremendous benefit to my sons well being. My 11yo son was diagnosed with ADHD/OCD/ODD about 2.5 years ago.  Since he has been using CBD rich products we have been able to eliminate the prescribed medications from his daily routine, which is amazing!” 

“Outstanding products and very reasonable prices.  Can’t dab that shatter enough!  Thank you guys. One love.”

Gina E.

We are proud to be the 2017 Sponsors of the NYC | Los Angeles | Boston CWCB Expo! 

CBD for Animals | Hemp for Pets

Our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Robert J. Silver, oversees

the formulation and testing of all animal health products.  Dr. Silver wrote the book “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet” and has been treating animals with phytocannabinoids for over 20 years. Our veterinary approved bulk and wholesale CBD formulations are the very best in the world and available for all animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and many other domesticated animals.  Let our veterinary formulations team customize a pure hemp CBD formulation for your brand or company.

White Label | Private Label CBD Manufacturing

Let Entourage Nutritional Distributors manufacture your Hemp CBD products in our GMP & NSF certified facilities.  Our White Label / Private Label Manufacturing programs are perfect for those brands looking to bring high quality finished products directly to market. Our team of certified professionals will bottle, seal, label, package, and drop ship your bulk and wholesale CBD finished products.

We DO NOT sell any retail branded products or direct to consumer, however, most of our customers do!  


Q.What is the “Entourage” effect ?

A.The Entourage effect was a phrase first coined by the legendary cannabinoid researcher Raphael Mechoulam and his team of cannabis scientists. It was used to describe the synergistic relationship cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids had with one another. Terpenes have shown to block some cannabinoid receptor sites while promoting cannabinoid bonding to others. As a result terpenes are believed to directly affect how CBD is absorbed and utilised in our endocannabinoid systems CB1 and CB2 receptors, enhancing bioavailability and also the biological half-life. So it’s simple, CBD without terpenes is not so effective. This is when the idea for our CBD terp crystal was born.

Q. What exactly is in your Terpene infused CBD crystals?

A.Our Terpene infused CBD crystals are a premium blend of a high purity CBD concentrate and terpene profiles designed to mimic the effects and flavour of the strain they are based on. That is it. Cannabidiol (CBD) + terpenes, and the effects are quite amazing. These products also contain zero THC and are 100% non psychoactive.

Q. What effects will I feel from them?

A. The main effect’s you will feel during consumption of these terpene infused CBD crystals is an overall calm and serene feeling, which can help to alleviate anxiety and stress. You will feel grounded and relaxed but still fully capable of functioning and going about everyday tasks. These are totally non intoxicating so can be enjoyed during the day.


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Pure 99+% CBD Crystal Isolate Terpene infused

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