Vape Cartridge – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Cannabidiol (CBD) 250 mg


Full Spectrum Pharmaceutical Grade A Hemp derived Oil by CO2 Extraction using Whole plant extract

Our CBD living vape cartridge contains 1000 mg of 100% Natural Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil extracted using CO2 with added Natural Terpenes in a 1 Gram 510 Thread Cartridge.



Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge – 1000 mg = 750 mg of Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extract + 250 mg of 99% Crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD) Co2 Extracted)

  Our 1000 mg of Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extract in a CBD Vape Cartridge is combined with a 750 mg of Whole Hemp Plant Extract Co2 Extracted containing all of the Hemp Plants Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flaovids & more! Then this Grade A Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Isolate is blended with Organic MCT+Ce OIL (Coconut Oil). Our Whole hemp plant extract is from or US Organically grown hemp here in the United States and Extracted by one of the only Legal FDA approved laboratories in the United States. The other 250 mg (CBD) in the vape cartridge is from our Hemp derived 99% Crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD) is Isolated by CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation. It is then – MCT+Ce Liquid Emulsion Medium chain triglycerides derived from coconuts (coconut oil)


  • 1 Gram Cartridge or or .5 Gram Cartridges Available
  • 250mg of 99% Crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD) Grade A Pharmaceutical Hemp Isolate
  • 750mg Full Spectrum Pharmaceutical Grade A Hemp derived Oil by CO2 Extraction using Whole plant extract
  • Organic Full Spectrum Oil
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Natural Terpenes
  • Universal 510 Thread Cartridge

*Don’t forget your Battery and Charger…


Hemp & Heal also uses the industries best Vape Cartridge tanks from Jupiter Research. With there Tcell technology our vaper cartridges use every last drop of Hemp Oil and can withstand heat and high altitudes from flying in planes.  

They are the worlds first closed loop system and are considered leak less. 



Jupiter research technology vape pen cartridges


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