Full Spectrum (Entourage Effect) Hemp Oil + Cannabidiol Crystalline (CBD)


Our Full Spectrum sublingual tinctures are extremely high-potency, and are designed to address chronic conditions. Derived from full Spectrum Industrial Hemp extract and mixed in organic MCT oil, Hemp & Heal’s tinctures feature up to 7000mg of total cannabinoids per 30ml bottle, and have the most cannabidiol (CBD) potency in the industry. In fact, at 25% total cannabinoids in the 7000mg tincture is the strongest in the industry and 2 times more potent than any other CBD tincture in the market.

Our Full Spectrum Pharmaceutical Grade A Hemp Oil is derived by using Whole Hemp plant extract by CO2 Extraction then dissolved in MCT oil. Then our MCT+Ce (Liquid Emulsion Medium chain triglycerides) are derived from coconuts and then processed into coconut oil then dissolved in to our custom formulated tinctures.