Hemp & Heal is a collaborative organization of some of the world’s most progressive medical professionals that support alternative medicine to address a wide variety of diseases and conditions. They all share a sustainable vision of natural, healthy and efficacious medical practices and treatments.

Hemp & Heal plans and hosts one day conferences and webinars where our Ambassadors share their knowledge and insight on groundbreaking research, new technologies and personal experiences with attendees. These conferences will offer you knowledge that will empower and transform communities world wide. The human Endocannabinod system and the role it plays in overall health and wellness is now a scientifically and medically known fact that proves that the human body has receptors in it that are made to utilize and assimilate hemp/cannabis. Come learn and grow with us!

Maria Chah


Acu Therapy & Herbal Medicine Healthcare

Dr. Phillip W. Blair

MD, Col. (US Army Retired)

Medical Consulting for Cannabidiol (CBD)

Dr. Michelle Weiner


Pain Management & Wellness

Dr. Paul G. Preste


Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Richard A. Miller

Physicist, Bio Physicist, Herbalist & Author

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