Industrial PCR Hemp oil is the next great American industry.

Hemp & Heal LLC is your premier network for investments, research and progress in the industrial PCR (PhytoCannabinoid Rich) Hemp products and market. One cannabinoid, CBD, just may be the greatest dietary supplement of our lifetime. Hemp derived CBD is safe, legal in all 50 states with no prescription needed, and is non-psychoactive (you don’t get high). With the recent amendment in the Farm Bill passed by Obama in 2014, we are positioning capital into our company in strategic regions that will lead this industry. If you believe industrial PCR hemp is a prime building block in the sustainable and clean "new health economy", then we look forward to working with you!


Portfolio Investment

Join the fastest growing Multi-Billion Dollar Business in the World!

Investments Start @ $5,000

Hemp & Heal PCR Product Investment

Investments Start @ $10,000

Hemp & Heal City Distributor / Office Location

Investments Start @ $50,000

Hemp & Heal Storefront / Lounge / Café

Investments Start @ $100,000


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